Meet the team!

Hameeda Khan-Davey

Hameeda is a second generation British-Pakistani who grew up experiencing first-hand the challenges faced by minority communities. She saw that no matter how strong, gifted or committed you are, the cultural and societal barriers that surround you can potentially hinder individuals’ journeys in life. Hameeda’s passions are to help others and she went on to gain experience in delivering projects to support marginalised communities in the North West of England. 

In order to support and help these communities Hameeda started by setting up a small project, Holistic Inspiration, helping to create community cohesion and bringing communities together, who otherwise may not work, learn and engage under one roof. This work was focused on her local communities of Hyndburn and Rossendale. It then expanded her reach to working successfully with refugees, the elderly, young people and those with mental & emotional needs, in unison; to create an empowering platform for all. 

In 2019 she decided to create P.E.P. Enterprise CIC in order to extend and develop this work, and since then she has focused to establish the aims and objectives of the organisation. Which primarily are to give representation and leadership opportunities to marginalised communities such as BAME and Refugees/Asylum Seekers and Relocator families. An area Hameeda has lived experience in.

Bob Frith

Bob has been involved with the creative community in Rossendale since moving to the Valley in 1967. He founded Horse & Bamboo Theatre in 1978, based at The Boo in Waterfoot. For 40 years Bob wrote, designed, directed and sometimes performed in ground-breaking visual theatre shows. The theatre company maintained a close relationship with Rossendale, despite touring internationally. In 2007 he started work on a project in close collaboration with the local Muslim communities, and subsequently developed a close relationship with them, setting up Apna Rossendale in Haslingden with Arry Nessa. It was through this work that Hameeda met Bob and she helped support the ‘Different Moons’ project. This relationship developed over the years through various successful projects with Hameeda (Taste of Rossendale and Knowing You, Knowing Me), where Bob was able to contribute his creativity. Bob also has strong links with The Whitaker, the Dave Pearson Studio and Rossendale Art Trail.

Bob is Chair of the Trustees of P.E.P Enterprise, and helps with design, web and other publishing skills for the organisation. 

Ehsan Iqbal

Ehsan is a History and Politics graduate from the University of Manchester with experience as a teaching assistant. As a student, Ehsan studied the history of different ethnic minority groups, issues affecting marginalised communities in the UK, and how this in turn shapes their attitudes towards integration, social policy, and current issues. During his time at university and in education, Ehsan realised there was a significant lack of representation of minority groups, not only within politics and society, but also in academia and the national curriculum. As a result, he felt that this lack of representation lowered the confidence of marginalised communities from participating, integrating, and making a difference to their society.

In January 2022, Ehsan joined PEP Enterprise as a Community Development Officer after learning about PEP’s mission and objectives. His goal is to inspire and encourage marginalised communities to take positions of leadership, and remove the barriers which stop them from reaching their true potential. In the future, Ehsan wants to return to university to pursue a Masters and a PhD, with hopes to represent and champion his community through academia. 

Ammaar Mahmood

Ammaar Mahmood is a passionate and driven individual who began his journey with PEP as a volunteer, drawn by the organisation’s mission of empowerment and community support. Recognising his potential, he officially joined PEP as a trainee digital marketer in April 2024.

Currently enrolled in a Multi-Channel Marketer Level 3 Training Apprenticeship, Ammaar is dedicated to honing his skills and expanding his knowledge in the field of digital marketing. With a vision for the future, he aspires to one day establish his own business, leveraging his expertise and experiences to make a positive impact.

Ahmad Feroz Ahmadi

Ahmad served as a Liaison Officer for the British Forces in Afghanistan from 2016 and later advanced to a special ministerial role with the Ministry of Defence. When Afghanistan faced collapse on August 15, 2021, Ahmad and his family were relocated to the UK, settling in Haslingden where they have resided since.

Driven by his conscientious and motivated nature, Ahmad took the initiative to engage with local community groups upon his arrival. He became involved with PEP’s groups and services, receiving support from the organisation since October 2021. Recognizing Ahmad’s appreciation and potential, he joined PEP’s team as a volunteer in July 2022, playing a crucial role in empowering and supporting the team.

Ahmad’s passion for volunteering stems from his desire to utilize his knowledge and personal experiences to assist others, while also learning about different languages, cultures, and acquiring new skills. In his own words, volunteering with PEP has enabled Ahmad to:

  1. Experience a sense of achievement and purpose in his life, community, and future career.
  2. Feel integrated into the community.
  3. Enhance his self-esteem and confidence.
  4. Share his talents, acquire new skills, and achieve a better work-life balance.
  5. Combat stress, loneliness, social isolation, and depression.
  6. Expand his social network and feel more connected and valued.
  7. Develop social skills and form new friendships within the community.
  8. Enhance his job skills for career success.
  9. Give back to the community.
  10. Inspire others.

Ahmad highly recommends volunteering at PEP for those looking to learn new skills, especially newcomers to the country. Thanks to his involvement with PEP, Ahmad has secured sponsorship for a degree at the University of Bolton and obtained a full-time leadership role. Despite his achievements, Ahmad remains committed to dedicating his time to PEP, considering it his family and an organization whose mission he wholeheartedly supports.

Heather Mason

Heather initially joined PEP’s coffee mornings and personal development programmes. She is a retired teacher and a full-time carer for her mother. She began as a service user, developing confidence and making new friends. As part of PEP/’s working practice, we run consultations and self-evaluations of all beneficiaries to get an idea of their skill set to see what their tailor-made needs are, and if we can utilise their skills within our group. Heather has great arts and crafts skills, so she initially supported an Arts and Crafts Session. This was so successful that it became a regular weekly group called ‘Crafter-noon at Haslingden Community Link’. For the first year, Heather received support to help deliver. Now it is independently managed and delivered by Heather who has regular community members participating. Heather is one of the many volunteers who has developed and then took a lead role with PEP and a great example of how PEP can support beneficiaries to becoming active leaders within the organisation.