About PEP

PEP is driven by a vision of a more inclusive society, where marginalised communities are fully integrated. This includes a society which is more equitable and where historically excluded communities can be better represented and achieve leadership positions. Our goal is to foster tolerance and cohesion, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to contribute and thrive.

Based in Lancashire, specifically Rossendale and Hyndburn, we work closely with local organisations, educational institutions, government agencies, and community partners to achieve our mission. PEP was created by Hameeda Khan-Davey. Hameeda founded Holistic Health in 2009, and ran a series of classes and workshops a few years later at Haslingden Community Link. These provided one of the first opportunities locally for women from the South Asian communities to engage with the wider community. From this, Holistic Inspirations developed as well as successful partnership work with local schools, health services, leisure trusts, community organisations, jobcentres and the local council. An innovative and creative approach to tackling community issues became a pivotal aspect of all the projects Hameeda delivered and this eventually led to the creation of PEP Enterprise.

At PEP, we also specialise in creating and delivering person-centred programs rooted in lived experience. We offer a route back into education, training, volunteering and employment by implementing creative, engaging and empowering solutions. We take a holistic approach from selfcare to self-development as part of our community and people focused approach. Our approach is guided by values of collaboration and inclusivity. We believe in the collective power of diverse voices and strive to create an environment where everyone’s contributions are valued. We’re dedicated to improving the lives of marginalised communities, including BAME, refugees, asylum seekers, and relocators. Since our inception, we’ve supported hundreds of individuals on their journey towards personal and professional growth.