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24/05/2024 –

Creative Summit in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia!

📍The #CreativeSummit KSA last night in #Riyadh made me really ponder over the vision and mission I am striving to achieve at #pepenterprise and the inspiration I see of this work in Saudi, yes you heard me right….Saudi.

✅️ Saudi Arabia’s #vision2030ksa has achieved extraordinary progress in integrating women into leadership roles across various sectors, showcasing the power of deliberate policy and cultural shifts. This progress starkly contrasts with the persistent gaps in the UK, where achieving leadership and representation for minority groups remains a significant challenge.

📍 Since the launch of Vision 2030 in 2016, Saudi Arabia has seen a significant increase in female workforce participation, rising from 17% in 2016 to nearly 35% by 2023​ (Al Arabiya)​​ (Al Arabiya)​. Women now hold influential positions such as #SarahAlSuhaimi chairing the Saudi Arabian Stock Exchange and #PrincessReemabintBandarAlSaud serving as the first female Saudi Ambassador to the US​ (رؤية السعودية 2030)​. In politics, women now make up 20% of the Shura Council​ (رؤية السعودية 2030)​.

📍Vision 2030’s success is driven by targeted initiatives like enhancing women’s education, promoting entrepreneurship, and encouraging private sector employment​ (Al Arabiya)​​ (رؤية السعودية 2030)​. These efforts have also improved the business environment, diversified the economy, and attracted global talent​ (رؤية السعودية 2030)​.

📍In contrast, the UK continues to face significant gaps in diversity and leadership. Despite decades of efforts, minority representation in senior roles remains disproportionately low, with only 8% of leadership positions held by ethnic minorities as of 2023​ (رؤية السعودية 2030)​. The 2022 Parker Review found that 37% of FTSE 100 companies still had no ethnic minority representation on their boards.

✅️At PEP, our new strategy aims to bridge this gap by learning from the Saudi model. We are forging connections with Saudi leaders to understand the policies and practices that have yielded such rapid progress. By adopting similar initiatives tailored to our context, we hope to enhance diversity and inclusion within UK workplaces.

✅️Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 demonstrates that significant change is possible within a relatively short period when there is a clear vision, robust policies, and support in society. The UK can learn valuable lessons from these strategies to foster leadership and representation among minority groups effectively. Our commitment at PEP is to leverage these insights to drive significant change within our organisation and beyond.

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16/05/2024 –

🌟 Mental Health Awareness Week! 🌟

This week, we’re coming together to raise awareness and understanding about mental health. It’s a time to start conversations, share stories, and break down the stigma that often surrounds mental health issues. Mental Health Awareness Week is not just about acknowledging the challenges; it’s about fostering empathy, support, and resilience within our communities.